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About The Adventures Of Rocket Girl

In this half-hour, animated, episodic, workplace, raunchy, sci-fi/comedy, set in outer space of the near future, we follow the adventures of ace pilot and debris retrieval expert, Duffy Delancey (aka ROCKET GIRL), along with her alien best friend and EVA Specialist, Geauxgah Grohghan (aka GOGO) of the ISPA (Interplanetary Space Port Authority). Along with their co-workers: Remy Martin, Gravy Jones, Dirk Tungsten, Johnny Longtorso, Blorch and Fablogorgulax, this desirable team comprises the vaunted debris retrieval section of the ISPA’s Department 86.

Coming Soon
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Support Us On Kickstarter

Support our series's Short Film where Duffy Delancy recounts her misadventures to her therapist. Get a sneak peek at the sort of trouble and fun scenarios she and her friends encounter throughout the series.

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