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aka Dr. Takeshi

(5’6”- 5’8”’ male - tallish, slender, athletic, radioactive)

Aftermath is a former nuclear power plant engineer. He started losing his marbles when he was devastated by the news that he had radiation poisoning and had only 6 months to live. Seeking a cure, he sought the help of a mystic who opened a portal to another dimension where he was cured... or so he thought. There were consequences, as there always is when traveling inter-dimensionally, and now, no longer at death’s door, he is bent on irradiating the world.

Ball Bearing

aka Berta Brillo de Acero

A bossy Latina, formerly employed as a mining supervisor / boss in a South American silver mine. Naturally, Berta suffers from silver poisoning. When she goes into a ‘silver frenzy’ she becomes an argumentative, demanding, and often-crazed killing machine.

Bar Fly aka Erica Smith-Smythe Smith

Bar Fly is a gullible, middle-aged, horny divorcee and enabler, as well as the best friend and partner in crime of the one who calls herself Night Owl. She suffers from a variety of self-induced maladies, like wanting to fit in and..... Also, benefiting from seemingly limitless resources, she can assimilate her partner’s hopes and desires and then blow them out of proportion.

Her weapon of choice is the same blaster used by her buddy, Night Owl, which emits particles causing
the aforementioned “beer goggling.”

Candy Cane aka Claudia Cupp

Candy Cane is the unstable former manager of both a paintball facility and a seasonal Haunted House attraction. For years, Candy Cane’s frustration with Halloween and its encroachment on her favorite holiday, Christmas, have worn her down. Vowing to take down Halloween by any means possible, she has decided to team with Sugar Cookie to wreak havoc anytime, anywhere, and for any reason, while still celebrating Christmas in the most over-the-top ways and at the most inopportune times (like not at Christmas). Candy Cane may be clinically insane.

aka Dr. Maude Von Zeppelin

Foreplay is a slender and attractive, mechanical engineer for a large manufacturing conglomerate, working in the development of musical instruments. During her spare time, she has immersed herself in a side project (motivated by revenge), resulting in an acoustical innovation as a direct result of a romance gone bad. Possibly an invention because your boyfriend was cheating with a co-worker,Dr. Smallwood.

Her weapon of choice is a special weapon powered by an obsidian crystal, rose quartz and (something
I have not made up yet).

aka Courtney Smallwood

Gaslight was a solar panel rep for xxxx, the very company that supplies the solar panels to the four
Realty World space stations, currently orbiting Earth, among other clients. On a spacewalk to show executives a new model in action, the group was exposed to solar radiation from a solar flare. Gaslight,
managing to hide behind the space station’s sewage tanks, which offered some additional shielding.

Leatherjack aka Agnes Hammar

Physical Description – The Leatherjack is about 5’8” with a slender build and long black hair, often worn in two braids down either side and a penchant for delivering spankings. In her everyday life, Agnes, also known as The Leatherjack, is a disgruntled dominatrix.

Night Owl
aka Teresa Huntington Bowman-Smith

Night Owl is a middle-aged, functional alcoholic widow who suffers from being bored with seemingly limitless resources and unlimited imagination and lust. Attracted to mischief, as well as younger men, she is perpetually on the lookout for extracurricular fun. Her weapon of choice is a blaster that emits particles causing those in the line of fire to experience “beer goggling” or the after-effects of inebriation, which amplifies Night Owl’s persuasive abilities. Her best friend (and partner in crime) is Bar Fly.

aka Leslie “Buster” Quinn

Sledgehammer is an anarchist, convinced that ‘the system’ is broken and vows to seek revenge on society until it changes. Once a successful personal trainer, this former gym rat is now adept at demolition and can use explosives or any other blunt force instrument with surgical expertise. A formidable opponent, the only weakness Sledgehammer seems to have, are things that remind her of her childhood, particularly toys and action figures, particularly ones depicting characters from her favorite movies. She has been after Rocket Girl’s collection for years.

Sugar Cookie
aka Patty Cake

Sugar Cookie is a crazed former pastry chef who got electrocuted while binge-watching archived episodes of The Great British Baking Show. Her expertise with all things of a dessert-related nature is matched only by her ability to design and build gadgets, a skill she perfected over years of complicated pastry builds for televised baking competitions.

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