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Rocket Girl aka Duffy Delancey or “Dee Dee” or “Double D”

Rocket Girl is the flight nickname of Duffy Delancey or “Double D,” the top pilot of the Interplanetar Space Port Authority (ISPA)’s Debris Retrieval. They keep space safe. She is all about “truth, justice and fair play” and is a “glass is half full” kind of gal. Rocket Girl is the type of hero who stands with her fists on her hips, looking off to the horizon. An avid collector, if not curator of pop culture collectibles and ephemera, Rocket Girl is all about her career and hobbies and not interested in romantic entanglements, no matter what side of the plate you are batting from. Rocket Girl pilots the SPSS Collector... hey, she likes collectibles and she collects space junk for a living so calm it.

She is beautiful inside and out, a rare individual in a vast, dystopian galaxy of disappointment. Just one thing, if you ever meet her, you had better look her in the eyes and you had better be able to tell her what color her eyes are if she asks (and she might).

The design is still being finalized.

GoGo aka Geauxgah Grohghan

GoGo is the ‘anglicized’ name of Geauxgah, Rocket Girl’s cheeky work buddy and dedicated EVA Specialist, who is of off-world origins (hailing from the planet Merth). She is crazy about two things: (1) the environment, which includes recycling; and (2) sex. Sarcastic at times but sincere, genuine, and
dedicated all the time, GoGo comes complete with a never-ending and often entertaining supply of everyday drama (relationship troubles; employment benefits fiascos; “does this make me look fat” traps;
and digestive issues – human food does not agree with her but she loves it (except cheese).


Make no mistake, GoGo is highly intelligent, but her lack of familiarity with earth customs often leaves her in awkward social positions or, at the very least, the unwitting victim of a misunderstanding, the kind
that often gets out of hand.

Besides Rocket Girl, GoGo’s next best friend is Meteor Shower aka Gravy Jones

Absolute Magnitude aka Dirk Tungsten

(Tall, handsome, naïve and mistake-prone. Heaven help him)
Johnny is the latest in a long line of co-pilots for Dirk Tungsten... because they keep getting killed. Johnny is a walking, talking punch line whose greatest assets are his looks and that he is fun and his greatest skill is self-maintenance. His lack of any sort of self-filtering mechanism has left its mark on Johnny’s personal life and interpersonal work relationships.

aka Remy Martin

(Tall, slender, drinks too much, does not care)
Neutrino is the beautiful pilot of the SPSS Compactor, the fastest ship in the Space Patrol fleet. Neutrino aka Remy Martin is named for her parent’s favorite libation, which she also enjoys (a little too much). Neutrino enjoys flying and movies like Top Gun, Firefox, and basically anything with flying in it.

Meteor Shower
aka Gravy Jones

(Thick, half-alien, hard-working, mommy issues and very angry)

Meteor Shower is the angry, young EVA Specialist, newly assigned to the SPSS Compactor, commanded by Captain Remy Martin. Meteor Shower is also a confidant of GoGo. Being half Earther/Latina and half alien/xxxxxx, Meteor Shower shares some of the same discrimination and prejudices that aliens such as GoGo, Blorch, and Fablogorgulax endure along with all the alien tourists who visit the space station. A serial dater, Meteor Shower can see the good in almost everyone except Dirk Tungsten, who brings out her usually harnessed temper.

Maverick aka Blorch

(5’9” tall, slender, alien, smart)
Blorch is a native of Punus and a member of the Punile race, a shy and apprehensive collection of intelligent organisms that do not respond well to pressure or situations that escalate in intensity too quickly or for that matter, sporting events in which any kind of wager is on the line. Blorch’s presence within the ISPA Debris Retrieval unit is part of a program where Earth and Punus exchange their citizens in a misguided effort to foster peace and build solid diplomatic relations, but has since devolved into predictable exchanges of methodology for circumventing the law and chemistry lessons in which it is determined through trial and error what illegal substances can provide the best “high.” Blorch really likes the Top Gun movies of the late 20th and early 21st century Earth, hence his flying handle,
‘Maverick.’ Blorch pilots the SPSS Hauler.

Ice Man
aka Fablogorgulax

(5’7” tall, slender, alien, Pending concept)
Fablogorgulax hails from the moon world of Urata, which orbits a giant, uninhabitable rock called Urato,
which in turn is the 4th most proximate object orbiting the gas giant Baniri, so technically it is Baniri 4 or more technically, the lone moon of Baniri 4, but don’t say that to any Uratans or they might slit your throat. It is literally one of the only things they get amped up about.

Oh yeah, back to Fablogorgulax. Uratans do not identify genders the way Earthers do, so the best way to put it is that they come equipped with both sets of tools. By human standards Uratans are more feminine looking despite being hermaphrodites, but the massive breasts possessed by all Uratans tip the visual scales to feminine. Their voices, however range from manly to very manly.

Uratans' skin is like a plate type of armor and their eyes are both colorful and enormous by comparison with humans. Other than that, they are intelligent, articulate, multilingual ‘foodies,’ who would much rather eat and drink than fight or work.

The Chief
aka Shhhh... (It's a secret)

(Tall; refined and cultured; extraordinary in every way; good-looking and fit for her age; frequently impatient; and always well-dressed)

Simply put, The Chief (whose official position is Station Chief) is an intelligent, resourceful, beleaguered
bureaucrat with seemingly no time to herself. Always too much paperwork (in the digital age, no less),
and not enough “me time.”

She is mid-sixties, with a seemingly endless supply of elegant women’s pants-suits. Once a great pilot, she earned a promotion early in her career and is now in charge of the day-to-day operations of a multi-trillion-dollar space station (albeit regrettably), her authority is absolute, her peace of mind absolutely gone, but she is the final word... at least until The Director visits.

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