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Welcome To The Adventures Of Rocket Girl!

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From a comic, to an animation, to a short film for a sneak peak! Learn more about the story and projects!

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Brief About The Comic

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The Short Film

"Keeping Space Safe One Screw At A Time"

How long do you think you could last without a therapy session after cleaning up trash people throw into space, while also fighting off a group of escaped crimina- I mean, clients? Not to mention there's ANOTHER pandemic with ANOTHER quarantine. Well Duffy Delancy, Rocket Girl, needs a little session to recount all the trouble she has gotten into as well as the reason for all the anger she's been having recently. It's a sneak peek of what's to come in the animated series while also taking some creative liberties! While the show is animated, this short will go between live-action and animated to show the differences in the timelines and creation process. You'll be seeing Rocket Girl's voice actress play her in this semi-live action film.

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The Animation

“Yes, it’s sci-fi and yes, it’s a workplace comedy, but it’s so much more. It’salso animation!”


“Yes, it’s sci-fi and yes, it’s a workplace comedy, but it’s so much more. It’s also animation!”

THE ADVENTURES OF ROCKET GIRL is a raunchy, animated, sci-fi comedy series consisting of a
pilot approximately between 33-minutes and 37-minutes in length, followed by 12 additional half hour (but more like 27-37 minutes in length) episodes, which have been conceived for distribution via any credible streaming service willing to pay us, like: Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Paramount+,
Peacock+ and/or Pluto TV, just to name the obvious ones, and if they all turn us down we will make it
anyway and put it up on our YouTube Channel. You can’t escape it!


The stories are intended to be watched in order as there is a season-long story arc playing out as well as what’s going on in any particular episode, much like an old movie serial that you’d see when you went to the movies on a weekend in the 1940s. Not content-wise or style-wise, just serialized.

Due to the coarse nature of the dialogue and some of the mature themes, The Adventures of Rocket Girl is sure to thrive in a streaming environment, just like the incredibly well-written, animated shows that the crew admires.


“Yes, the main characters collect debris. No, it’s not gross!”

In the future, about a hundred fifty years or so from now, wars have happened, borders have
been redrawn, communities have been wiped out and the remaining citizens of Earth have less
freedom and are under more scrutiny. This has made them bitter, belligerent, sarcastic, and
cynical to the point where it is now the defining characteristic in their nature. On the flip side,
mankind has become a spacefaring species with colonies on moons and asteroids throughout
the solar system and in the near reaches of the galaxy. There are more jobs, less poverty, and
an abundance of elements from the periodic table that, for the most part, make life on an
interplanetary scale much easier. But the thing that defines us as a species, above all else,
seems to be the chaos we create, most notably the pandemics. That’s right, we have them all
the time. Some are worse than others making them more memorable. If only human beings
could just wash their hands after picking their noses, playing with themselves, or wiping their

Another thing about the future is that just about everyone is physically fit, contrasting
sharply with their individual collection of negative personality traits. The trade-off is that many
diseases, including diabetes and most (but not all) forms of cancer have been eradicated.
Pretty nice, right?

Then along came the bureaucracy... Yup, in the future, we don’t run on Dunkin’ we run on red
tape. There are so many layers and so many government intelligence organizations that it’s
hard to keep a secret and easy to cock things up.
By the way, Earth has a ring around it now, just like Saturn, but it’s not rocks and ice and it did
not form naturally. It’s garbage. That’s right, garbage... refuse... space debris consisting of
jettisoned cargo, lost tools and equipment, and disused artificial satellites... and it’s a problem.

This is where our heroes come in...


While lamenting her separation from her beloved pop culture toy and comic collection currently residing at her parent’s home on Earth and just two weeks from a long overdue vacation, ace debris retrieval pilot Duffy Delancey, aka ROCKET GIRL, finds herself grounded on the Realty World IV orbiting space station. Along with her fellow disgruntled crew members, belligerent space tourists and vengeful escaped super-criminals, Rocket Girl and best friend/co-worker, GoGo, try to remain sane amidst the latest worldwide pandemic.


The Adventures of Rocket Girl is set on an orbiting commercial space station, Realty World IV, one of four similar orbiting behemoths, full of tourists, technicians, debris retrieval crews, and the occasional escaped criminal. The government’s special unit known as ISPA (International Space Port Authority) Department 86 tackles everyone from the out-of-control space station security detail to belligerent tourists to escaped criminals to retrieving dangerous, orbiting space debris.

In this animated, outer space, workplace comedy, ace space pilot and debris retrieval expert, Duffy Delancey (aka ROCKET GIRL) and her alien best friend, GOGO lead the way as they navigate life and occasional life-threatening danger while fellow crew members, escaped super-criminals, belligerent tourists and visiting family members alike drive them both nuts.

Somehow, Rocket Girl and GoGo manage to navigate interpersonal relationships and even
thrive within the restrictive confines of an orbiting space station, from which there is no escape,
because of the government-mandated lock-down, while constantly under fire by orbiting debris
and the bureaucracy that constantly meddles and often creates more problems than it
resolves, during yet another world-wide pandemic.

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